Is It Time to Sell Your Home?

Selling your home isn't always an easy decision to make. However, moving is part of life, and there are ways to tell when the time is right. Click through for five signs it's time to sell your home.

As a homeowner, it can be difficult to envision parting with your biggest investment. There's a great detail of sentiment attached to your home, and many memories you have made with your family there. But things change in life and there will likely be a time when you find that selling your home is the smartest choice. Here are five signs that this time has come:

You Feel Cramped

If you have lived in your home for quite a while and had children since living there, you may feel like you have simply outgrown your space. This is perfectly normal and not a bad thing at all. As your family grows — whether it's literally, emotionally or both — you will need a home that fits your current needs now compared with those of the past.  

It Feels Empty

On the flip side, your home could just as easily begin to feel too spacious. This is especially true if your children have grown up and gone off to college. Even if you don't have kids, many people buy a large home thinking they'll love the extra space, only to find themselves later longing for something cozier.

Your Commute Has Changed, and Not for the Better

It doesn't take a full-on relocation to throw off your daily commute. A perfect 20-minute drive can easily turn into an hour or more before your eyes if you get a new job or if your company moves offices. If this happens, it's more than a good enough reason to consider living elsewhere. After all, your commute is a big part of your daily life.

Money Is Tight

If you are spending more time crunching your finances than you once were, it's probably a sign that your mortgage is stretching your budget thinner than it should. There's no reason to feel upset or embarrassed about moving to a more affordable home. Doing so can be the difference between going into debt and getting back on solid ground.

You Don't Love the Neighborhood

All the research in the world won't tell you whether a neighborhood is truly a perfect fit for you and your family. It takes living there every day to decide whether you want to continue to invest in a neighborhood. Variables such as barking dogs, construction, and crime are also difficult-to-predict factors that can force you to move elsewhere.

There are dozens of common triggers for selling a home, and these are just a few. Give me a call today and I will help you determine whether or not it's time to sell. 

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