Seniors Real Estate Specialists® or SRES® designees are REALTORS® qualified to address the needs of home buyers and sellers age 50+. The SRES® Council awards the SRES® Designation to those members who have successfully completed its education program.

Learn distinguishing characteristics and trends of the 50+ market so that you can discern them in your own market area

Evaluate your market area attractiveness to the 50+ market

Master the vocabulary of the range of housing options for the 50+ market

Learn the application of federal laws for Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA)

Develop business building outreach methods for communicating and gaining 50+ market share

Adapt methods for counseling the 50+ buyer and sellers

Stay focused on the transaction and avoid inappropriate involvement in family matters

Develop sensitivities to 50+ issues and priorities when counseling buyers and sellers, showing properties, and managing transactions

Develop services that win and sustain client and customer relationships and position you as a trusted real estate advisor

Assemble a team of experts to help you serve 50+ clients and customers

Learn about the uses, benefits, procedures, and issues involved in reverse mortgages

Learn about uses of pensions, 401k accounts, and IRAs in real estate transactions

Gain an understanding of how Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security impact 50+ real estate decisions

Recognize mortgage finance and loan schemes and scams that victimize 50+ borrowers

Identify key life stages, viewpoints, and transitions in relation to housing choices

Recognize how a home can be adapted for safety, comfort, and aging in place

Help clients integrate disposition of real property into estate plans

By earning the SRES® Designation, your REALTOR® has demonstrated the necessary knowledge and expertise to counsel clients age 50+ through major financial and lifestyle transitions involved in relocating, refinancing, or selling the family home. Your SRES® has received special training, gets regular updates, and is prepared to offer the options and information needed in making life-changing decisions.

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