Do you share your walk-in with your spouse? Click through for tips and tools to make the most of your half of the space and theirs.

It is possible to keep your his-and-her closet organized and still speak to one another. Here are some of our favorite products to help you get organized without causing a fight. 

Focus on footwear

She doesn't have to sacrifice displaying her shoe collection in order to make room for his sneaker addiction. How? Get custom-made shoe shelves to keep shoes out of the way. Or try a shoe turntable that holds up to 25 pairs.

Don’t get tangled

Line drawers with felt to make it easy to find necklaces and bracelets, and prevent them from tangling, too. If you don’t have drawer space, try hanging your jewelry. Pottery Barn's fabric-lined mirrored wall-mounted jewelry closet is multifunctional—it’s a jewelry box, a mirror and a piece of art. 

Tie it up

Men just can’t complain about women’s shoes without getting off the hook. Many men have their ties in disarray. Keep them organized with Rev-A-Shelf's Classic Wood Pull Out Tie Rack. It holds up to 120 ties!

Bag it

Is your partner annoyed with you as you frantically search for your matching bag? Make it easier by storing them in divided compartments, with each compartment containing bags of the same color or size. No room for compartments, add chrome shelf dividers to make individual homes for your purses.