Whether you have a large piece that you want to display or a collection of your favorite art, picking a place is crucial for the look and feel of your living space. Click through to learn some tips for displaying your favorite art.

Artist Damai Ayo said, "Art should make you think and feel. It doesn't have to match your couch." You can have a collection of eclectic pieces or focus on a specific style to decorate your home. Whatever you have, it should be displayed in a way that helps you enjoy it and makes it accessible to everyone in your home. Here are some tips for displaying your favorite art. 

Across, not behind
We've all done it. You have a huge art piece, so you hang it over your bed or over your sofa. But is that really the best use of space? In your bedroom, consider hanging the art across from the bed instead. This way, you can see and appreciate it when you're turning in for the night. The same is true with your sofa. You don't need a large art piece centered over it. Put it on a wall where people will see it. 

Asymmetrical collection
If you have a number of small pieces in varying sizes, take some time to assemble an asymmetrical collection. Lay the art on your floor, arranging the patterns until it's pleasing to your eye. Take a photo and use that as a template to place the art on your wall. 

Scattered on shelves
Art doesn't have to be hung; you can lean it for a lovely effect. In fact, many collectors recommend having leaned art throughout your home. Lean large pieces on shelves instead of nailing them to the wall. Put assorted smaller pieces around the room on shelves or dedicated picture rails. 

3D visual art
People tend to collect a lot of images, whether prints, photos or posters, but don't forget 3D visual art such as sculpture. Place larger pieces on the floor and scatter smaller pieces on shelves and tables around your living space. Put several together to form a collection. 

Break the rules
Of course, even after considering all of this, don't be afraid to break the rules. Put things together that tradition says don't match. Be bold with colors and size. There shouldn't be a rule about art. Whatever you love, you should display.