Your bathroom can be an amazing retreat in the center of your own home, and there's no need to spend hundreds of dollars to be pampered when you can just stay home. Click through to see ideas for designing your own spa bathroom.

There is nothing better than lowering yourself into a warm tub surrounded by bubbles with candles lit all around you. Paying for a spa experience can be great, but you can enjoy it every day with your own spa bathroom. With a few simple tricks you can transform any bathroom into an amazing spa experience. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Repaint the room
Color can go a long way to transforming a space. Whether you decide to go a bright white or a dark, calming color, break out those paint accessories and get going. You can paint just a feature wall or boldly paint the entire space. If you do, make sure you have ample lighting so that you can see when you do get ready for the day. 

Add rich accessories
Spas are always full of accessories. For example, gold mirrors and fixtures can help make the space seem rich and alive. Add fabrics that provide different textures, such as the upholstery on an ottoman or shades on the windows. 

Include live plants
A spa should help you feel alive, and nothing helps with that quite like plants. The lush green foliage can make a room feel warm and pleasant. Choose plants that do well in high humidity environments. Or you can plant lower-maintenance succulents in decorative pots. 

Use plush white linens
When you go to the spa, have you ever noticed that every towel and robe in the place is white? There is a practical reason for this: They're easier to clean with bleach between uses. White linens also feel rich and luxurious and can match anything in your spa space. 

Place candles
Candles are also a staple at a relaxing spa, so spread them around. Choose candles with different sizes and shapes. You can accessorize with different colors or choose all one shade or a neutral white. You may also want to buy candles with relaxing scents that you enjoy. 

Lay a rug down
Putting a rug down will also give your spa bathroom the feel of luxury. Something absorbent and washable is practical, but also choose a texture that feels good on your bare feet when you stand in your new spa space. 

Fill a spa basket
Lastly, whether it's for yourself or guests, put together a spa basket with lotions and soaps that make you feel amazing. This can include bubble bath, bath bombs or essential oils. Scrubs, shampoos, conditioners and whatever else you or your guests need can go in the basket for convenience and décor.