Cleaning is no one's favorite activity, but there are simple ways to make it less of a chore. The key is to incorporate simple cleaning tasks into everyday activities. Click through to learn how to make these chores less overwhelming.

Don’t you hate it when you have just cleaned the entire house, and but a few days later, it already looks disheveled again? For most of us, this happens all too often. It’s frustrating, to say the least, and has us wishing for a solution to this householder pain point.

Fortunately, there’s another answer besides just deep cleaning more often, and it’s a method that takes way less work and time. Implementing some clean-extending habits into your daily routine is a practice that can keep your home cleaner, longer.

Following are five go-to tips to help stretch out the results of cleaning day.

Clean Up While Cooking

If the clean-as-you-go cooking flow isn’t something you’re already practicing, you need to start now. This small change in cooking behavior can save you from long clean up sessions after every meal, which means this is especially vital for those of us cooking two or more times every day.

Once you get down the rhythm, it’ll be easy to keep this up.

If You Use it, Put it Back

One of the greatest contributors to a messy house is linked to our own behavior. Using something and not putting it back may seem like just a small thing, but in reality, it builds up to create a disorganized household.

Try creating a new habit in which you put things back right after use. Figure out a method that works for you and watch it extend your cleaning time.

Create a Daily Clean-Up Ritual

Doing a quick clean-up every day is one of the best ways to improve your home’s cleanliness. Pick a time each day that cleaning can be incorporated easily and do small tasks around the home.

Whether you find time in the morning, during the afternoon, or before bed, a few minutes every day can be a useful addition to your cleaning routine.

Clear Out the Clutter

Cluttered areas are a clean home’s worst nightmare. Not only do these places build up dirt and grime, but having stagnant areas packed with stuff can make the house feel messy even when it’s just been cleaned.

Consider creating some storage areas around your home that are out of sight — so you can still keep all of your things without making the house look disorganized.

Store Cleaning Supplies Around the Home

It’s not a bad idea to create small bins filled with relevant cleaning supplies tucked away in every room. Stow them in a closet or drawer and pull them out as needed to take care of messes when they happen — instead of putting off the task for later.

With these simple strategies, you’ll say hello to a cleaner home in no time. If you want more ideas about keeping your home in shape until your next big cleaning session, contact us today.