Just about anyone can complete a home fix-up project that doesn’t lead to sky-high costs, lengthy timelines and extra effort. Click through for home renovation projects that can be done in less than 20 minutes.

Not all home improvement projects require making a large-scale investment. Many do-it-yourself projects are simple enough to tackle around the house on the weekend. They won't require a huge commitment of time or money and they will help you with home maintenance in the long term.

The following are simple projects you can complete in about 15 minutes.

Iron Out Those Bent Blinds

Horizontal plastic blinds can be a pain if they’re not taken care of properly. Having even one slat out of alignment is enough to drive the detail-oriented crazy. Thankfully, we don’t have to live with bent blinds once you know how to fix them.

Pick up a mini-blind slat straightener from the hardware store — you’ll thank yourself later. Glide it over the bent blind with slight pressure and watch it instantly transform before your eyes. It takes only seconds to make your blinds look good as new.

Clear the Ceiling of Water Stains

Applying a fresh coat of paint to the ceiling is a big project. It’s taxing on the body, time-consuming and uncomfortable. If your ceiling has water stains, you might think you’ll have to carry out a full-blown painting project . . . but that isn’t really the case.

Most ceiling stains can be removed by spraying a solution of diluted bleach directly onto the discolored area. Mix a 10% bleach solution and spray it directly on the site, but be sure to cover the floors and walls to avoid any unwanted bleach stains.

Unclog That Slow Faucet

No need to call the plumber for a lagging faucet.

You can easily improve your sink’s water pressure by cleaning the aerator screen. Unscrew the tap to remove the aerator and soak it in vinegar to clear away the built-up residue. Give it a good scrub with a small brush or toothbrush — and voila!

Close the Swinging Cabinets

Stubborn cabinet doors that don’t stay shut can be fixed by installing a magnetic door catch. Use your drill to attach the magnetic catch to the cabinet’s base and the corresponding strike on the door. Make sure these two items are aligned before attaching them.

Fix Squeaky Doors and Windows

Windows and doors that stick or squeak just need a little TLC. With a dry lubricant spray, you can smooth out the friction so that doors open and close without slowing down and making noise. Make sure to use an oil-free spray for interiors because oil-based alternatives can attract dirt and grime — leading to even more issues down the line.

Getting a head start on the small stuff can help save you significant time in the future. If you are interested in more do-it-yourself projects to get your home looking its best in no time, contact us today.