Bathrooms spotlight your home’s interior design scheme. Because of this, enhancing the bathroom likely makes a big impact. Click through for some insight into making your smallest room dramatic.

Many people love classic, timeless and clean looks in the bathroom. These bathroom designs not only are dazzling to the eye but also won’t need to be changed with every passing trend. Instead, an investment in a classic bathroom scheme will last for years.

Following are four bathroom design trends that will never go out of style.

Porcelain Bathtubs

Let the stresses of the day fall away with a nice warm soak in your tub. Consider breaking away from bulky-wall units and choose a standalone tub. If you want an added touch of style, opt for a vintage tub with a clawfoot base. You can even attach a showerhead so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Having a bathtub comes with the bonus of increasing your home’s resale value if you ever plan to sell.

Marble Tiling

Marble has become an increasingly popular interior material in the last few years. The gorgeous swirling grains of marble make it a winning choice for creating a luxurious bathroom that won’t fall away with the times.

Marble is durable, high-quality and instills a larger “wow” factor than laminate. Because marble is a real stone, it is a bigger investment — but it’s worth it.

Simple Decorations

Everybody loves accents, but the best choices are plain and basic. Selecting elaborate decorations may create a hectic atmosphere instead of the clean and timeless look you’re going for.

Avoid themes that may get old quickly. For example, the nautical decor might be great during the summer, but it’ll likely seem out of place on those dreary winter days. Choose key items that seamlessly blend into whatever circumstances come and go as the years go on.

White Color Schemes

Although the trendiest interior decor articles will tout that dark-colored bathrooms are all the rage in today’s world, that may not be the case tomorrow.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, clean and timeless color scheme for your bathroom, stick with lighter colors. White is a great baseline for adding light touches of high-value colors, like a flushed pink or baby blue.

Light paint colors are easiest to replace, whereas a dark hue is more difficult to cover up when you’re tired of the heavy colors in the bathroom. White may be overused in bathroom design, but it truly is timeless.