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How to Determine an Aging Parent Needs Help at Home

Admitting the need for assistance—and accepting it—is not easy for people as they age. So, how will you know when your aging parent needs help at home? One thing is certain: Mom and Dad

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Why Does My Elderly Loved One Sleep All Day?

As people age, they tend to sleep more lightly than when they were younger. Waking up during the night due to achy joints or the need to use the restroom becomes commonplace. Many seniors compensate

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Finding the PERFECT HOME

Hello, When sorting through the photos of homes, remember pictures don't always tell the whole story. Check out TIP #3.TIP #3Don’t make snap judgments based on listing photos. A house

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Taking the next step to home ownership

Hey, Are you ready to start taking the first steps to homeownership? As you probably already know, the market is HOT. Since the competition is tough, I have compiled a list of tips to make sure you

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