Whether your listing is traditional, modern, farmhouse, industrial, rustic, or coastal, know the appropriate accents to make it shine.

June 1, 2018

by Melissa Dittmann Tracey


It’s common knowledge that the purpose of staging a home is to neutralize its appearance so it will appeal to the widest audience of buyers. But then again, that’s not entirely true.

Typically, there’s a style theme that ties the look together, whether it’s modern, farmhouse chic, traditional, or another home style. Unless it’s overly customized, you’ll likely want to stay true to your listing’s current style rather than reinvent the look completely. But what accessories can you weave in to create a warm, inviting, and polished space that emphasizes and celebrates the home’s style?

This guide walks you through the most common home styles and the characteristics of each, including photos illustrating a property staged for each style so you can glean ideas. Pick your staging style:

Traditional: Comfort With a Hint of Chic


room staged in traditional style

© Holly Foti, Redesigns by Holly


Modern: Minimalist With a Splash of Color


room staged in modern style

© PJ & Company Staging and Interior Decorating


Farmhouse: Only a Little Bit Country


room staged in farmhouse style

© Sanctuary Staging / JPG Media


Industrial: Heavy Metal


room staged in industrial style

© Pulte Homes


Rustic: Return to the Earth


room staged in rustic style

© Nichol Sandoval, DreamHome Staging & ReDesign


Coastal: Bright and Airy


room staged in coastal style

© PJ & Company Staging and Interior Decorating