Outdoor Outlets 
Whether you want to be able to hold outdoor parties in your backyard or use an electric grill for summer barbecues, adding outdoor outlets increases your home's entertainment value. When you hire DJ's or put up holiday lights, you don't need yards and yards of extension cords. These handy outlets provide you with your outdoor electricity needs.
Radiant Heating                   
Think of the type of warmth that you feel standing in front of a warm oven. That is similar to the type of heat that fills your home when you install radiant heat. Instead of relying on air that is blown out of vents or using furnaces to heat your home, hot stone slabs are laid on your floors and heated with either hot water (more energy efficient), electric (less energy efficient) or air radiation.
Walls and ceilings can also be heated but typically use electricity instead of hot water to prevent the danger from potential water leaks inside the walls. While it negates some of the energy efficiency, in combination with radiant heated floors, the savings can add up to thousands of dollars per year.
Central Vacuum System
For anywhere between $100 and $2,000, you can install a central vacuum system throughout your home. Tubes are installed in your walls in each room of your house and connected to a wall vacuum outlet. Kits come with a vacuum head that connects to the wall outlet so that dirt and dust in the air are carried out of the house and through a HEPA filter. It is great for people with allergies and can improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Energy-Efficient Appliances and Equipment
Energy savings are on everyone's minds and when you can boast to potential homebuyers the number of energy efficient appliances and equipment that power your home, you have a better chance of selling at the price you want. Add new energy efficient windows, storm doors, HVAC systems and kitchen appliances for an excellent cost-effective upgrade.
Outdoor Oven or Fire Pit
Even if you live in a warm climate, a backyard fire pit can improve the aesthetic of your home and makes enjoying the night air more comfortable. Particularly if you live in a state that gets cool weather, a fire pit allows you to hang outside with friends even on chilly nights.
Outdoor ovens also add style and pizzazz to your outdoor landscape as well as a practical feature that increases entertainment value. Backyard parties are more fun with an oven to cook on.